Activities You Most Likely Won't Find in Guide Books

Airplane Watching

If you or your children like to watch planes land or take off, SeaTac airport is not the place to go. There are no good viewing points at SeaTac and the only planes you will see are commercial airline jets. A far better place for plane watching is Boeing Field, also known as King County International Airport. Boeing field is a few miles south of downtown Seattle. You won't see commercial airline passenger jets, but you will see a lot of diversity. You will see UPS and FedEx cargo jets, small propeller planes, private jets. The best place is just north of the control tower. Go the intersection of East Marginal Way South and 81st Place South. Take the east-bound road toward the landing strip and follow the curve to the south. A block or two south you will find a parking lot with a good view of the landing strip.

If you have a radio capable of air frequencies, you can listen to the communications between the tower and incoming planes, often hearing clearance to land before you can even see planes. If you are interested in help arranging a viewing, use the contact page to get in touch. Services can include transport, snacks, radios, and binoculars.

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