There are six First Avenues in Seattle! That's enough to get you confused - and lost in Seattle.

Whether you are looking for a park, a restaurant, a friend's house, or a motel, you don't want to be lost in Seattle! It's no fun. I know. When I first moved to Seattle, I got lost a couple times. One time I was walking to find an apartment that was for rent. I walked about four miles out of my way because I didn't understand how streets are named. Another time I was walking around Green Lake and when the sun went down, I didn't have a clue how to get back home.

Once I learned the street system, I was able to help others I bumped into in 7-11 stores, on the street, and on the phone find their way. Not Lost in Seattle will give you an immediate heads-up on getting around in Seattle and in understanding the local jargon so you'll know where people are talking about.

Spend a few bucks for Not Lost in Seattle so your time can be spent enjoying Seattle, not wandering around in a state of anxiety wondering where you are. Not Lost in Seattle comes with a concise, but understandable explanation of how the street system works and an overview map.

Not Lost in Seattle is available as an e-article from Amazon. Order here.

-- Bruce Miller